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It is dark brown liquid sold in 250Kg drum by packing unit. Polymeric MDI is a big molecule formed from many MDI molecules. There are three types of polyurethane made from Polymeric MDI; semi-hard foam, hard foam. They are called foam because they have bubbles in the inner part.
Soft foam is very soft and immediately comes back to the original shape when it is altered. Therefore soft foam is mainly used for parts of cars. 
Contrary to soft foam, hard foam is very solid that it doesn't come back to its original shape when it is forced to alter. Since the hard foam has insulation effect, intercepting the flow of heat, it is mainly used for refrigerator, synthetic lumber, reefer container and insulation of architecture. Semi-hard foam has property of both soft foam and hard foam. Semi-hard foam, with its superior shock absorptive property and touch is used mainly for parts of cars and furniture. 



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